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    by Laura Caciagli.
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    Laura Caciagli

    Understanding the factors that shape biodiversity is essential for the rational management of natural resources and aligning with the objectives of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, which aims to restore biodiversity in Europe. Researchers face the challenging task of predicting global biodiversity dynamics and comprehending how species interact with their environment and each other. These dynamics are complex and require innovative approaches that combine data, models, and interaction processes to provide accurate predictions and sustainable solutions for managing Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems.

    To address this challenge, the BioDT project aims to push the boundaries of predictive understanding of biodiversity dynamics by developing a cutting-edge prototype named Biodiversity Digital Twin (BioDT).

    The Biodiversity Digital Twin prototype utilises advanced modelling, simulation, and prediction capabilities to accurately quantify and model the interactions between species and their environment. By leveraging existing technologies and data from relevant research infrastructures, BioDT aims to provide valuable insights into the changes in biodiversity, a mechanistic understanding of these changes, and predictions of their effects.

    One year since its inception, the BioDT team has made progress in the technical advancements of its digital twin prototype. The outcomes of this work were recently unveiled during the engaging webinar “Advancing Biodiversity Research with the BioDT Framework: Enhancing Digital Twins“, held on 8 June 2023.

    More information here – Watch the videos! https://biodt.eu/news/advancing-biodiversity-research-biodt-framework-enhancing-digital-twins-webinar-highlights

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