LifeWatch ERIC provides two different platforms for the training in order to allow users to:

  • use the catalogue to browse training categories and perform a metadata discovery;
  • use the platform to browse training categories and access training materials.

The training catalogue is a web application that is based on a customised profile of the IEEE Learning Object Model (LOM). Indeed, overĀ  about 60 optional metadata elements we selected 27 metadata fields in order to allow users to share and reuse educational resources since metadata allow teachers and learners to search or discover the most appropriate and well-suited educational resources possible.
The training platform, based on Moodle, allows to access the training materials and to enroll training courses.
The two platforms are interconnected. Indeed from the metadata record describing a specific training resurce it is possible to access the resource on the training platform by simply clicking on the “Start the course” botton.