Pilot call for research proposals with DANUBIUS-RI

DANUBIUS-RI has launched a Call for Proposals for researchers, particularly early-stage researchers and PhD students, to test and utilise selected services free of charge. The services offered include access to research locations, collated data, sampling and analysis tools, ecosystem manipulation experiments, satellite observation, models, and more.

Eligible researchers are invited to submit proposals for experiments using a combination of at least three of these services. Proposals can be submitted by individuals or consortia from multiple countries, with preference given to consortia in case of scoring ties.

DANUBIUS-RI offers complimentary research facilitating services to support interdisciplinary research on River-Sea Systems. These services aim to provide science-based solutions to environmental and societal risks arising from global and climate change, focusing on water, sediment, and biotic variations impacting aquatic ecosystems in River-Sea Systems under extreme events and climate change scenarios.

For further information and to submit proposals, please visit the DANUBIUS-RI website: https://danubius-ip.tumblr.com/pilotcall.

The deadline for submissions is 21st Feb.


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