Tropical Summit 2024


Lisbon, Portugal

The Tropical Summit 2024 aims to bring people together to address the ongoing challenges and opportunities in the tropics.

The event aims to be a multi-stakeholder forum committed to achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda. The lessons from the past, including unmet global agendas, highlight the importance of not treating the 2030 deadline as a distant future event but as an urgent reality that requires immediate attention.

The main objectives of the Tropical Summit are to promote the transfer of knowledge, stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration, involve stakeholders, and contribute to the co-creation of innovative projects.

The focus will be on South-South-North triangular cooperation and four thematic areas:

Planetary Health: Nurturing life within the global boundaries
Agricultural Development: Sustainability as a path to socioeconomic progress
Territorial and Social Transitions: Building resilient spaces and societies in every dimension
Human Growth: Empowerment and technology for the times ahead
To learn more on the Tropical Summit 2024, please visit the official website:


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