14th European Conference on Ecological Restoration


Tartu, Estonia

SERE2024 is an international conference organised by the European Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration, taking place in the last week of August 2024 in Tartu, Estonia. The event will bring together professionals working in ecological restoration to share knowledge and discuss the future of Europe’s nature. The conference will address the decline of biodiversity and the need to effectively restore degraded ecosystems, in line with the EU’s efforts to adopt the Nature Directive in 2024.

The conference will focus on developing approaches for long-term nature restoration. It will facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience between researchers, practitioners and policymakers across Europe. Sessions will cover topics such as the restoration of different ecosystems and the socio-economic and political contexts of ecological restoration. A particular focus will be discussions on developing national restoration plans under new EU legislation.

For more information, please visit this website: https://sere2024.org/


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